Arcy’s Hyperrealist Graffiti at The Big Fresno Fair

ARCY, a street artist who specializes in hyperrealism and graffiti style painting, will be featured at the 2019 Big Fresno Fairgrounds.  

Bleachers surround the artist as he paints so people can observe his process and the progression of the art piece. ARCY is known for traveling the world and painting large scale murals in a live show. 

“It’s different than the gallery scene where you have to go indoors to see art,” ARCY said.

He’s doing a total of 13 live murals during the duration of the fair. He will be painting a wide variety of content that’s reminiscent of fair culture and the city of Fresno. His subjects will include horse racing, jockeys, farm animals, grape farming, carnival, public figures and more.

He’s been painting for years, inspired by the street art and graffiti that surrounded him in his youth. 

“Me having this platform will hopefully inspire younger artists and help give them the motivation they need to go out and do whatever they put their mind to,” he said. He hopes to leave a message for younger artists.

“I do this so young people don’t see street art being done illegally and think that’s the only way,” he said.

As public art is starting to become more and more accepted, and in more high demand, he gets lots of invites to come beautify cities. 

Being able to leave his mark in different communities and share his artwork around the world is how he gives back.

“I’m inspired to get out there to share my artwork and make people happy.” 

According to his website, ARCY has coordinated with the Smithsonian Institute, Major League Baseball, America’s National Parks Service and The Walt Disney Company as a Disney Fine Artist.

For the past five years, the 32 year-old has worked full-time traveling around the world doing live street art. “This is not work to me because I am doing something I’m passionate about,” ARCY said.

He’s worked for Disney for the past four years and his art is included in Disney certified galleries throughout the country or in theme parks around the world. 

The artist always includes a hidden Mickey Mouse splattered in all of his paintings. He says he does this for his two boys back home, ages 5 and 7. 

His live work will continue at this year’s Fresno Fair from Oct. 9 to 14 near the home arts building from 12 to 5 p.m. His past projects can be found on his Instagram page @arcyart.