Fashion: Letting Your Style Do the Talking

Destinee Lopez

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Photo by: Ram Reyes

The Diamond Showstopper Fashion Exhibit displayed in the Fresno City College Library.

Imagine the world, where everyone wore the same outfits — boring right?
We would not see the bright and unique clothing we had today. Many students on campus sport different “looks”, ranging from crop-tops to graphic T-shirts.

Often, people think that fashion is for the popular and rich, but fashion is much more than that. What we choose to wear and present to others is a reflection of who we are and what we say about ourselves. Fashion is an art and like all art, there is an artist behind it.

According to Emma De Zubiria, majoring in fashion, “Fashion is more than just the most expensive clothes. It is a secret message you send to every person you pass. Your wardrobe is full of first impressions.”

According to, a study of over 300 adults, both males and females, revealed that people make a “snap judgement” in a 3-second gap. In that exposure gap, people judged the people who are dressed more fashionably as better.

“Fashion is a way to tell a person what your personality is before you even speak because of what you are wearing,” Tasha Macias, a fashion student on campus, said.

Life is filled with moments of people trying to impress others or trying to hide who they are to the world. Whether it is the color of the shirt you are wearing or the style of pants, everything you wear or don’t wear, says something about who you are to the public eye.

Here on campus, fashion is everywhere we look. Every students gets up in the morning and dresses for their day at school. Albert Garcia, a visual merchandiser, says, “Fashion is a do-what-you-want, and go-as-you-make. You do you; be creative.”

A large percentage of students on campus are millennials — people born in the 1980s and 1990s — and we are challenging the ideas in the world of fashion and with the help of social media which is allowing us to show the world what we are wearing.

Oftentimes, people are posting #OOTD, or outfit of the day, to display the style they are currently wearing. Fashion, in other words, is a big part of our community, both at school and at home.

“Fashion is how we express yourselves. For me, it isn’t really fashion that I enjoy, it is more of the style that is important,” business major, Melissa Cruz, said.

Classes in Fashion cover subjects, ranging from how the fabric is placed together to how it is manufactured. The students then can choose out of the thousands of jobs the fashion industry holds.

The classes also teach students more than which colors go well together. Professor Pamela Hutton said, “There is this A-Z, which covers everything in fashion. We broadly cover everything in the fashion world.”