Vote for Compassion on Nov. 8 for a Better Future

Story By: Destinee Lopez, Reporter

The presidential election is here and has highlighted America’s racial and sexist history. Republican Donald Trump has exposed an ugly side of our country after he exhibited behavior not openly seen in years. He has brought fear and anxiety to lots of people. If Trump wins, will the fear ever end?

Trump’s impunity for alleged sexual misconduct is similar to when a harasser is simply slapped on the wrist for assaulting someone. Young women in America are being crushed under the weight of Trump’s demeaning language about all women, and he is encouraging people to condone his words by remaining unapologetic. To Trump, it seems women are nothing but sex objects.

Perhaps Trump wants to place Muslims in concentration camps, build massive walls to block off bordering countries or refuse to let women vote. Maybe then, America will be great again. The future under a Trump presidency is bleak, and as a Hispanic woman, that is terrifying.  

Will the next four years in this country only benefit a white, rich minority? Will all others walk on eggshells to avoid getting caught being women, black, immigrants or Muslims?

Will we need to hold our tongues to avoid being beaten in dark alleys? Will women need to keep our eyes to the ground to avoid becoming victims of sexual assault?

It is not shocking that a country built on slavery, genocides and oppression wants a man who does not apologize for his actions as president. But Trump is the embodiment of much of this nation’s sentiment; he knows how to get the crowds worked up with misinformation and fear.   

We have a chance to progress and elect the first woman president. It will surely be a moment for the history books like eight years ago when we elected Barack Obama, the nation’s first black president.

This country and its people have the ability to prove that it can break the barriers our own society has built. Sadly, some will not vote for Clinton. Those will be the same people who give in to fear.

The multiple things Clinton has been blamed for throughout the election have all yielded apologies from the candidate. She admitted she has done wrong, but continues to encourage the country to do right by voting against Trump and bring us closer to a future that does not look so frightful.  

Sure, people will still be sexually harassed and Muslims and people of color will still be discriminated against, but hopefully, there will be justice and an end to that horrible behavior. Hopefully my voice will continue to be heard.

The future of our country depends on our votes on Nov. 8. Voters should to think about their choices before voting.