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First Love Relationships Shape Your Future

Story By: Victoria Valentine

September 10, 2015

It always starts with that one--you know, the one--tall, handsome, smart. Then you start dating, and it feels like you’ve known each other forever. You’re going to move in together because you think you’re probably going to be together forever and get married and have kids. This is my first...

Ram’s Tale: Lost in the World

Ram’s Tale: Lost in the World

Story By: Ramuel "Ram" Reyes, Photo Editor

April 21, 2015

Being an immigrant is difficult. Being an immigrant as a child is even more difficult. I was 7-years-old when my parents moved my 3-year-old brother and me from the Philippines to the United Arab Emirates. But at 7-years-old, I left everything and everyone I knew behind and flew to a new world....

Make It Stop

Story By: Caleb Owens-Garrett, Reporter

November 4, 2014

Why wait until after someone is gone to approach the topic of suicide? Suicide is a serious matter that society pushes away, so that people don’t have to deal with it. It is so much more than they see, it is very important that one who knows that someone is suicidal or has had suicidal thoughts,...

Social Media Affecting Relationships

Story By: Julian Ramos, Reporter

November 4, 2014

Relationships; everybody wants one-right? Or maybe you prefer to not label what you share with another person-the whole “boyfriend/ girlfriend” is so elementary and played out by now. What does it matter what you and that special someone call yourselves; all that should matter is the bond, the ...


Story By: Jarrett M. Ramones, Opinion Editor

November 4, 2014

Fear. The most powerful human emotion. Once spread fear can turn a sensible group into a blood-thirsty mob. Moreover, it is the driving force behind human history. Fear is the reason the horror film industry is as long surviving as it is. Horror films portray humanity’s worst fears, allowing viewer...

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