Looking for New Romance, First Verify You’re on Same Page

September 10, 2015

New semester, new fish in the pond.

If you’re single and ready to mingle, you must already be on the lookout for those potential “hottie bodies” roaming around campus or sitting just a few seats down from you in your English class.

Be warned. Not everyone is who they seem to be…and so on and so forth, as your parents would say.

However, do take this into account, because there was one semester where I had an eye for someone who sat a few seats down from me in my English class.

For the first couple of months, I’d glance in his direction just to see if he was glancing in mine, because who doesn’t do that, right? Not much luck for the first half of the semester until one day, I got the courage to ask if he wanted to hang out, and holy fudge-nuggets was I nervous.

To my surprise, he said yes and wanted to meet up with some of his friends down by McDonald’s. So we just spent the whole car ride there talking about my car.

At some point, I asked if he was with someone romantically. A short pause and a smile from him, and then he responds by saying he has a boyfriend.

Yes, that’s right, I was head over heels for a handsome gay man.

So take this lesson to heart, and don’t have your mind set on someone until you know more about them.

Who knows what their romantic status is at this very moment? Someone could be coming out of a breakup and not be ready. They could be gay or may not want to get into something romantic.

This goes for all wants in romance; short or long-term.

Some of you may be in the short-term stage right now. Roaming around, looking for someone to keep you feeling alive and young. However, this isn’t a stage you want to be in for too long.

Yes, you may say you don’t want to be tied down by one person or don’t want your nights to be filled with homework and/or late night shifts. You want things to go your way. You may want to have a drink in one hand and a hottie body on the other. Don’t try to live up to the college fantasy and waste your life away through one of the most important and crucial times of your life.

If you really feel the want for a short term “buddy” or “buddies”, even though it is advised to be extremely cautious for health reasons, find someone who is willing.

Which leads to the ever embarrassing question of asking if they have any type of STD and vice versa. Please save each other the pain of finding out after the fact.

Get to know a little bit about them and their likes and dislikes of their sexual pleasures as neither of you would want much to do with each other emotionally. Therefore, do not get attached because it is likely that this person may have this same causal relationship with other people.

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