Special Election Being Held


Photo by: Ram Reyes

Rampage archive photo.

The Associated Student Government will hold a special election from March 21 to 23 for the new student trustee to represent Fresno City College for the remainder of the spring semester.Currently appointed student trustee Kaura Lopez will be running against opponent Danny Yang.

Both candidates have extensive experience working on campus. Lopez, an English and education major,  is the current student trustee along with being the president of Teachers of Tomorrow Club.

Yang , a business major, is the president of LGBTQ Spectrum and is a senator in the ASG. She also works with Student Activities.

A candidate forum took place on Monday in the student lounge where students were given the opportunity to ask the candidates questions on what they want to do and how they can help the campus.

When asked what changes around campus do they see that need to be changed, both candidates tackled two very separate issues.

Yang took the position that smoking on campus has become a major issue that needs to be remedied by making Fresno City College into a non-smoking campus.

“The main concern right now I have is smoking on campus,” Yand said. “I’m a smoker on campus and I’ll admit that I have smoked outside the designated areas, but if we can implement a nonsmoking campus that’d be perfect,” he said.

“A lot of community campuses are non smoking. If we can change into a nonsmoking campus that would  help students to change their habit of smoking.”

Lopez took the stance that a crucial issue was the lack of interpreters for deaf students on campus.

“One of the many things that is important to me is helping the deaf and hard of hearing students,” Lopez said. ”I’ve been working with the special programs here and implementing them. Getting full time interpreters is needed when you have 30 deaf students and about 10 part time staff that actually show up. There’s a problem when it comes to students not getting the benefits they need.”

Student can vote by going to the main fountain area and giving their name and ID number to the representatives from student activities.