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Dympna’s Garden of Reporters

Journalism instructor Dympna Ugwu-Oju  poses with multiple generations of Rampage reporters on Wednesday, Nov. 6, 2019. Ugwu-Oju has advised the Rampage for over 10 years.

Story By: Tommy Tribble, Editor-in-Chief

November 27, 2019

Dympna Ugwu-Oju should be used to surprises, especially from her students. For over 10 years, her career has been defined by would-be journalists entering the revolving door of the Rampage--each one entering a newsroom, almost always by accident--without a clue about reporting. And every time there...

’12 Strong’ is Engaging and Realistic

12 Strong

Story By: Juanita Micheli and Jose Serrano

January 18, 2018

“12 Strong” recalls both a tragic defeat and a triumphant success in modern American history. It tells the real-life story of Mitch Nelson (Chris Hemsworth) and 11 other soldiers who were positioned in Afghanistan after the tragedy of 9/11 in order to combat the Taliban. The movie shows ho...

Former Rampage Editor Launches Poetry Book

Fresno City College alumnus Joseph Rios reads from his new book

Story By: Ashleigh Panoo, Editor-in-chief

October 24, 2017

Joseph Rios, a former Rampage editor-in-chief and Fresno City College student, returned to Fresno Oct. 19 for a poetry reading, launching his first book, “Shadowboxing: Poems and Impersonations.” The unique reading took place inside a ring at the Heartbeat Boxing gym in southeast Fresno. Dozens...

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