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Kyrie Irving; Not So Cavalier?

Story By: Michael Fulford, Reporter

August 29, 2017

Unequivocally, the city of Cleveland has experienced angst more than any city hosting a major sports team. In 2016, it had been 50 years since a Cleveland-based team won a championship. The Cleveland Cavaliers managed to dethrone the reigning champions in the form of the Golden State Warriors. Fo...

Should the FDA Put New Warning Labels on Cigarette Cartons?

Story By: PRO/CON

September 7, 2011

PRO by Tomas Kassahun A gorgeous blonde poses for a beer advertisement and the profits flow like the Niagara. Shrek poses for a happy meal and the wallet of millions of American parents cries for mercy. This is the power of advertisement. And this is the power that has been abused. But with...

Social Networking Impacts the Music Industry

Story By: Dylan Picazo, Rampage Reporter

September 7, 2011

Social Networking has impacted every aspect of our lives, from eating and sleeping, to reuniting with classmates and scheduling the next family dinner. It seems as though nothing is outside of the Internet and social networking radii. Perhaps the most impacted business would be the music industry....

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