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Table Takes #10: Spilling the Tea on Alex Jones, Sis

Podcast Resize, Table Takes

Story By: Tommy Tribble and Ram Reyes

August 6, 2018

Table Takes is back from a one-week hiatus with all the spiciest discourse on de-platformed right-wing provocateur and overall trash person Alex Jones, Dave Bautista going to bat for James Gunn, and Trump's literal hot takes about wild fires. Plus, Ram gets into the science of time, the nature of sc...

4 Dating Struggles I Discovered as a Queer Woman

Illustration by Tasha Turner

Story By: Paulina Rodríguez, Reporter

February 20, 2018

“I’m here and I’m queer.” That was my rallying cry last July when I finally came out to my family and friends. Pop culture led me to believe I would immediately feel liberated and find the love of my life moments after. I blame “Glee.” Hollywood created this unreal expectation i...

Labels Are Ruining (Potential) Relationships

Labels Are Ruining (Potential) Relationships

Story By: Samantha Domingo, News Editor

September 27, 2017

With a plethora of websites, dating apps and social media platforms at our disposal, meeting new people for a possible romantic connection is easier than ever. However, the struggle of dating in our modern society is because of the blurred lines between “talking,” “dating,” and “in a rel...

Yes, Exes Can Still Be Friends

Yes, Exes Can Still Be Friends

Story By: Alejandra Flores, Reporter

September 27, 2017

Now I know what you’re thinking: “How could I ever be friends with anyone who hurt me?” The last person you probably ever want to be friends with is someone you shared emotions, interests, and pizza with. The last person you probably want to be friends with is someone who you shared so much...

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