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School Walkouts Are Not a Trend

Photo from the Seattle City Council.

Story By: Stefanie Verdugo Tholen, Reporter

April 3, 2018

On March 14, 2018, students all over the United States walked out of class to protest against gun violence. When following this movement I had to wonder how many students were actually walking out because they truly want to be part of something monumental and truly protest against gun violence or...

#MeToo is More than a Hashtag

Photo from Pixabay

Story By: Paulina Rodríguez, Reporter

March 21, 2018

I awoke to the sound of knocking on the bathroom stall. Inaudible voices surrounded me. Disoriented, I found myself on the floor of my dorm bathroom, covered in urine. Somehow, in my hazed state, I unlocked the stall and found campus paramedics descending on me. Had I been there for minutes, h...

Hashtag Activism – Are You Really Doing Your Part?

Photo from Sketchport

Story By: Claudia Chavez, Reporter

March 20, 2018

Love Wins, Women’s March, Black Lives Matter, Pray For Paris; These are all hashtags I’m sure most of us, if not all, are familiar with. Perhaps we “liked” something affiliated with these hashtags on our social media, or marched among our friends, but are we really doing our part and standi...

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