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Emily Perez
Emily Perez is an 18-year-old freshman at Fresno City College. Perez is a journalism major, who hopes to transfer to Fresno State. Still a bit unsure about her career goals in the journalism field, she has emphasis with broadcast journalism.

Open minded about where this field leads her, as of now she hopes to become a producer or international correspondent for the news outlet, Vice, or another outlet which focuses on younger audiences.

In high school Emily was a part of her school yearbook staff, as a photographer. Photographing things such as sports, school dances, and various other events on or off campus. Being a part of the school yearbook is what inspired her to focus on journalism and have an interest in photography. The advisor of the yearbook class was a former journalist, and someone Emily still looks up to today.

There is a lot to learn concerning journalism and all the opportunities out there, Emily keeps an open mind about these things. Her senior year in high school Perez took a video production course, where she found another thing she enjoyed and was actually good at. This class taught her how to edit and produce short videos and films.

She is excited for what being a part of the newspaper does for her experience in the field of journalism. Perez hopes to meet new people who teach her new things, create relationships, and grow as a writer. Like many her age, she still has a lot to look forwarded to and discover.

Emily Perez, Reporter

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Emily Perez