Fresno City College’s Softball Team Wins Central Valley Championship Game 10-2


Fresno City College’s Women’s Softball team posing after their 10-2 victory against Porterville in the CVC and their last home game this season on April 13. Photo by Jared Westendarp.

Fresno City College’s Women’s softball team won their final home game of the season against Porterville City College 10-2 and secured 1st place in the Central Valley Conference on April 13.

The team honored their sophmore players during sophomore day for their last home season game against Porterville.

Honored and recognized for their hard work and dedication this season during the game were sophomores Maliah Cerda, Marissa Cedra, Macey Grigsby, Alayna Muñoz, Lina Sanchez, and Destyne White.

Although sad to see her sophomore players leave after this season, head coach Haley Janzer is fortunate enough to have had them for the time she did.

The Rams won their game due to mercy rule, which is when one team is up by eight or more runs after five or more equal innings and the end the game early, as they were up eight points ending the fifth inning with a score of 10-2.

The Rams are coming off a two win streak against Porterville beating them in the fifth inning 15-1 in the previous game. 

“We were so confident going into this game,” Sanchez said. “We knew we were going to get this win right when we stepped onto the field”

Getting several runs in succession was one of the key moments of the game for the Rams to quickly finalize the win.

“We have gone on a winning streak for a really long time now and we’re just looking forward to going into state championships and taking it all,” Sanchez said.

It was a bittersweet moment for the players, being their last home game of the season. This season they played their games at Granite Parks Sports Complex as the softball field on campus is being renovated.

Next week the softball team will be finishing up its conference in West Hills Coalinga on April 18 and Allan Hancock on April 21 where they will be fighting for playoff seeding. Janzer hopes to “kick butt” in the playoffs.