Rams Stretch Win Streak to Six Games After 9-8 Victory Over Chabot


Rams’ pitcher Jack Reitsma stares down the runner on first in the Rams’ 9-8 comeback win against Chabot College on Feb. 9, 2019. Photo by Ben Hensley

Story By: Derek Bullis, Reporter

The Fresno City Rams continued their winning streak after Saturday’s game at home against the Chabot Gladiators.

Saturday’s game was freshman Alec Gamboa’s first time standing on the mound as a starting pitcher for the Rams. Giving up four hits and three earned runs in the first three innings of the game the Gladiators took a 4-0 lead before Gamboa was relieved by Jack Reitsma.

The Rams’ comeback began in the third, when Rams’ shortstop Tyler Littlefield hit a routine ground ball to second. Chabot’s second baseman missed the throw to shortstop sending the ball into left field, and a ball that may have been an inning ending double play led to the Rams’ first two runs.

In the fourth inning, the Rams sent in Mikell Chavez to pitch against Chabot’s Mitch Benson for three innings. Chavez only gave up two hits and one earned run with his time on the mound, managing to stop the Gladiator offense after a hot start.

Chabot made a pitching change in the seventh inning and the Rams took advantage. Noel Bustos was able to drive in two runs early in the inning on an error by Chabot’s third baseman.

With the bases loaded, Chet Allison drew a walk, Adam Munoz singled, Khol Simas was hit by a pitch, and Noah Perez reached on a fielder’s choice, each of which resulting in runs for the Rams’ who saw a 4-run deficit disappear after the third out of the inning.

It was Ian Ross’ sacrifice fly sent out to center field that sent home Travis Moore to gain the lead for the first time in the game over the Gladiators. Before the end of the inning Chet Allison earned himself another RBI single for a 7-9 lead.

The Gladiators made an attempt to comeback with a hit, sacrifice bunt and ground out to shortstop earning them a run. With the tying run on second, it was Rams’ closing pitcher Justin Henry that locked in the win for the Rams.

The now 7-3 Rams’ next look to extend their winning streak to seven games against Folsom Lake College on Feb. 12 in their 3 p.m. start at Euless Park.