Thanks to Defender Angel’s Last-Minute Heroics, FCC Ties Hawks In Home Opener

Story By: Omari Bell, Reporter

Fresno City College and Las Positas men’s soccer programs are trending in opposite directions – at least judging by the 2017 season. Last fall, the Rams achieved the top hardware by going all the way to win the CCCAA State Championship for the first time in FCC history.

Meanwhile, Las Positas ended their season with a record of (14-4-6) but (9-0-4) in conference and Lost to West Valley in the second round of the CCCAA NorCal State Championship.

But on Friday afternoon, both schools couldn’t have been more even. The Rams rose up to the adversity to head one into the back of the net, scoring in the 93rd minute to tie the Hawks, 1-1, in the Rams home opener.

“We could have won that game,” freshman defender Angel Alvarado said. “Towards the end we played with all that we had to at least walk away with a tie. We don’t like to lose at home.”

After an early penalty kick in the first half to put the Hawks up by one there formation changed into a (4-5-1), trying to keep as many numbers behind the ball as possible to prevent the Rams from coming back.

This is the same formation that Rams rival Taft Community College used on them last season to keep the game close and ending both games in the conference with 2 ties until the CCCAA State Championship where it ended in a 2-0 win.

“Some reflection on the game, they did put their entire team on one half of the field, and I was not expecting them to do that for the whole game,” head coach Eric Solberg said.

In the final 20 minutes of the game, the Rams rallied for a goal after attempting quality shots that just couldn’t reach back of the net, Alvarado stepped up to the challenge and headed one in to tie the game just before the referee blew the last whistle to call the game.

“I appreciate any time that i get in to play and just wanted to show what I got, hopefully I proved that with that goal that I scored,” said Alvarado .

While the Rams have started off the season slow with only winning one game and ending two games in a draw, members of the team and coaching staff said there are things to fix and they will continue to work towards unity and discipline with the team play to pull away with nothing less than a tie in the following competitions.

“To both their credit, their game plan worked and for us, we hung in there and got a goal in desperation time. At the end of the season when you start to tally the power points and trying to see where this game falls, it’s alright. It is just better to beat these teams at home,” Solberg said.

The Rams won’t have another opportunity to battle the Hawks this season.

The next game will be held at home this Thursday Sept. 13 against Canada Community College at 4 p.m.