The Reality Behind Online Learning

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Story By: Brianna Beltran, Reporter

Although most students have been doing remote learning for a while now, it has not gotten any better. 

Students seem to be taking this shift pretty hard. Jessalyn Romero, an Early Childhood Education major at FCC, expressed her issues with online classes. 

“It’s harder because you pretty much have to teach yourself,” Romero said. “I feel like professors could be more lenient because some people are dealing with things like COVID.” 

Despite these issues, Romero believes that she is now receiving better grades due to online learning. 

“ I am teaching myself but I am receiving better grades. It’s easy to just look things up.” 

With COVID-19 being a touchy subject for anybody affected, it’s understandable that students feel frustrated and not heard during this time. 

Not only are students dealing with hardships but so are professors.

Barri Brennan, a professor in the Department of Communications shared her issues with online teaching.

“I don’t like that I can’t connect with my students.” 

In addition, Brennan stresses that her responsibilities as a professor are not easy. 

“I am trying to be more sensitive and understanding.” 

Brennan has also begun to look for different ways to help students succeed in her classes. 

“I am making myself available with my personal phone number. I offer Zoom to help walk them through assignments and modules,” she said. “I also offer a 48 hour grace period. If you don’t turn it on the deadline and it’s late, I still accept it.” 

Although online teaching has its downsides, it has taught Brennan that effort should be the main focal point when grading. 

“I feel like this online teaching has taught me it’s more about the effort.”

 She  wants students to know that, “as human beings on this planet I want you to leave every class saying ‘i’m important and I have something to say.’ Whatever grade you get, it doesn’t matter. Grades are grades. It’s important but it matters more how you feel.” 

We all deserve help and understanding in this tough time. 

As a student that is dealing with social distancing myself, I do sometimes feel the pressure that is my future. Everything that is happening now with grades will determine University applications and overall what my next step towards my career is. 

I have been struggling but like everybody else, I will overcome.