The YouTube Algorithm Supports Sexist and Racist Geek Channels

Story By: Ramon Castanos, Reporter

Youtube is the most popular video sharing site used, and it is one of the factors that made geek culture popular. However, Youtube continues to suggest videos that promotes racism and sexism to the the geek community–attaching incendiary ideas to popular properties like “Star Wars,” Marvel, DC and other nerd culture related topics.  Many of those videos support gatekeeping, which is to exclude minorities and women to be part of geek culture.

Geek channels of this type complain that women and minorities are ruining the nostalgic properties of their childhood. Another complaint of theirs is how Disney or Hollywood is shoving feminist propaganda down their throats, and even that these major corporations support white genocide–a neo nazi conspiracy theory.

Many of these types don’t realize that Hollywood doesn’t have any political agenda. They have many directors and actors who are conservatives that are still working with Hollywood like Clint Eastwood, Bradley Cooper, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Sylvester Stallone, Kurt Russell and many more.

Many of the sexist and racist YouTubers don’t understand that Hollywood doesn’t care about political agendas. Hollywood main purpose when making films is to make money and try to get as many people as possible into the movie theaters.  

Those channels target the people who enjoy female-led and minority-led films regardless of their quality. When “Black Panther” or “Wonder Woman” came out certain YouTubers tried to put down the films’ cultural importance, and why certain people feel important to them. As well, one of their other complaints that “Black Panther” supports White genocide.

Those Youtubers miss the point when T’Challa condemns Killmonger’s actions twice in the movie.

The reasons why “Black Panther” is culturally important is because it shows Black culture in a positive light. It’s the first Afrofuturism movie many mainstream viewers will be exposed to. The movie was directed by Ryan Coogler, the first black director to direct a Marvel movie. It is a huge opportunity for Black Americans.   

The problem with gatekeeping YouTube channels is that they encourage the behavior to harass people who work on the movie. A Youtuber, named Dishonoured Wolf, encouraged his fans to harass the actress who played Rose in “The Last Jedi” because she is a “fat Asian bitch.”  

The actress left social media because of all the harassment that she deals with from the fandom according to Variety.

Youtube still allowed Dishonored Wolf and other similar channels on the platform. The reason those types pop up on your home page is because of the Youtube algorithm, which has two ways of processing.

The first is Youtube’s Candidate Generator which has millions of videos but will select a few of what the viewer watches the most. The second is Ranking Filler, which narrows the numbers how many videos that you possibly like, and it will be recommended on your homepage, according to Mat Pat, who hosts the popular YouTube channel Game Theory.

It is the reason terrible videos are recommend on our YouTube homepage.

Those gatekeeping channels exploit the Youtube algorithm. Many young people who watch these videos or similar types will believe that what they are saying is the truth about feminism and minorities ruining movies.

Those YouTubers help indoctrinate viewers into extremist views on women and minorities, potentially radicalizing young people.

Many of those gatekeeping channels fit what YouTube wants because they support channels that make longer videos, and videos about topics that are currently trending, which is why they don’t plan to get rid of controversial YouTubers anytime soon.

The only thing I can say is not to put down other people that like a movie because it has a woman or minority lead. I highly recommend trying to understand other cultures around you, and why this movie is culturally important to those groups of people.  The audiences should educate themselves about how the film industry works and how movies are made.