The Government Shutdown: A Dangerous Waste of Time


Photo from Flikr.

Story By: Gage Carmichael, Opinion Editor

The longest government shutdown in American history has finally ended…temporarily.

The government shutdown began Dec 22, and just recently ended on Jan 25. It lasted a total 35 consecutive days, a whole five weeks.

For some individuals who work or receive benefits from the federal government, this meant they were forced to work without pay, and unable to receive the benefits that their very livelihoods depend on.

35 consecutive days of federal workers not getting paid for the work they do.

35 consecutive days of 42,000 Coast Guard members risking their lives and protecting this country, without pay.

35 days of intentional harm to the American populace.

One wonders why this happened. Surely there was a good reason, some national security threat that required all this struggle and strife.


The government was shut down because President Trump and Democrats in the House of Representatives were unable to come to agreement on the funding plan for the building of Trump’s fabled “Wall.”

Originally the core promise of his campaign for the presidency in 2016, Trump argued that the U.S. needed a wall along its southern border, one that Mexico would pay for.

Once elected and realizing that he had his supporters expected him to fulfil on all of his asinine promises, and worse, Mexico had no intention of paying for his asinine promises, Trump turned to the American taxpayer.

Keep in my mind that over half of the American population doesn’t agree with his pet project in the first place.

Finally, at the end of this long winded process of footing the bill to different conglomerates, Trump decided that the only “logical” way to see this wall project of his through is to shut down the entirety of the U.S. government till he gets his way.

Yes folks, that is our current president of the United States. Shutting down the government, jeopardizing the integrity of the U.S. and endangering the livelihoods of federal workers and their families. Literally throwing a tantrum, like the spoiled child he is till he gets exactly what he wants…And he calls the Democratic Party a bunch of babies.

At this point the Wall seems to be a manifestation of Trump’s ego and pride.
We can never be completely set on what goes on in his head (maybe a Twitter of a bird).

If Trump finds a way to complete this wall of his, he’ll always have something to fall back on if he completely flops in the remaining time in the White House (and he’s done a pretty good job of flopping it so far).

Talks will resume between the President and The House on Feb. 15 about “who will pay for the wall, how much is the estimated cost and what supplies could be used.”

For all we know, the government could shut down yet again.

Only time will time will tell.

Tune in next time folks for the thrilling follow-up to “Man-Child vs The Impassible House.”