The Destructive Pressure to be Perfect


Story By: Mariah Garcia, Reporter

What is perfection? Is there even such a thing?

With the rise of social media, there seems to be much pressure on young girls and teens to look like the women they see on the internet. Society’s perfect woman could be described as one with a flat stomach with perfect body proportions, long hair, flawless skin and straight teeth, which sounds like a rare breed of female.

Women need to see that they should not have to change the way they were born to fit someone else’s idea of beautiful or perfect. It is okay to admire others’ beauty without having to question their own.

Instagram is widely used by a variety of audiences and consists of photos of celebrities taken with flattering angles and lighting.

Celebrity Kylie Jenner is a prime example. Along with her lifestyle, comes her looks. Jenner is famously known for her full and plump lips that have noticeably had professional work done.

While she is a young woman herself, simply sharing moments of her glamorous lifestyle with the world via her Instagram page, she highly influences young girls and women that idolize her.

Following her influence, many women have had the same procedure done to their bodies because it is currently what’s popular and they are wanting to look like her.

According to an article by The Guardian, girls as young as seven feel pressure to be pretty.

Many girls, and even boys, are picked on from early ages based on physical appearance, and access to social media does not really help. Cyber bullying often takes place with the nasty comments that are often left on photos of people.

Acne, big noses and buck teeth are just a few examples of how low these insults can get.  

It is not too late to stop social media from pressuring the youth to be perfect.

Too many young aged girls and women are taking the time to ask “Why can’t I look like her?’”

What society needs is to quit praising the same drawn on eyebrows and plumped lips as if it’s the only look that is out there.

Young women need to be reassured that whatever look they have is beautiful. They don’t need to look like the mostly plastic women of Hollywood because those women don’t even look like themselves.

In order to change this, society should portray normal people, instead of glorifying the plastic beauty. Not everyone has a flat stomach and not everyone has straight teeth.

Marilyn Monroe is one of Hollywood’s major icons, and she was a beautiful woman without having a flat stomach. Photoshop was not a thing in her time and plastic surgery was not what it is today. She did not need any additional fixings to her features to be the sex symbol that she was.

Just know that what each person out there is the most beautiful person someone else has laid eyes on. Our imperfections are what make us unique and individuals. We would not be special if we all had the same features.