Bike Lanes on Campus: Do we really need them?

Story By: Alyssa Garza, Reporter

Could adding bike lanes onto Fresno City College’s campus ground be necessary for bike riders and skateboarders? Yes, It just might be. Knowing that bike riders and skateboarders could ride on lanes through campus could be really beneficial to them and the rest of the students of FCC.

The school administrators and Associated Student Government are mapping out a plan to potentially place bike lanes onto campus grounds.

Some may think that having bike lanes on school ground will make it easier for bike riders and skateboarders to get around easier. I think that providing bike lanes will decrease the minor issues that some students may have regarding  students with schedules being back to back and having the rush to get to class on time.

With the amount of students attending FCC this semester alone, providing bike lanes onto campus is indeed a very good way to alleviate parking congestion on campus. The students who ride their bikes or skateboards who do attend this campus would rather bike their way to school or skate because it saves them time and money for parking and avoid being late to class.

Sean Henderson, director of Student Activities, says that he would be “excited if the student body looked at solutions that considered safety as well as the rights for bicyclists and skateboards.”

It would make things easier for bicyclists and skateboarders to know there are bike lanes on campus.This would eliminate the need to think about the possibility of running into someone while rushing  to class or simply riding around leisurely.

“I think that the bike lanes are a good investment for the students and it will benefit the students who actually ride their bikes on campus all the time” said RJ Burrell, an FCC student.