Sexploration with Troy and Matthew


Illustration by Lauren Baker

Story By: Lauren Baker, Art Director

“Does size really matter?”


In the bigger, better, society we live in, can we really apply the question of “does size really matter?” to human anatomy? We shouldn’t, but more often than not, we do. Especially when it comes down to “peen”.

Most women will never insult the integrity of a man’s genitals; unless she’s catty and you give her reason to. It’s understood that the general population of men would associate their special size with their level of masculinity and “talent,” and therefore, would prefer to be larger than smaller. It’s also a common fallacy that being “small” must inherently mean that the man can’t get the job done — well.

Even women face size scrutiny when it comes to their chest. It’s much easier to tell how well-endowed a woman is than it a man. Unless the woman is “flat chested,” there really isn’t much she can do to hide it. Even more annoying is the, “the bigger the boobs, the smaller the brain” myth. So, does size really matter? Yes and no,and here’s why.

The average length of a penis is 6 inches, whereas the average “depth” of a vagina is four inches; seven inches at most, when the woman is aroused. Generally speaking, and leaving girth and all that aside, the average man will not find a ton of success in completely “filling the void” with the average woman.

If you are larger than average, you will probably face even more difficulty in accomplishing this, and your lady may have a less than pleasant experience.

On the other side of the spectrum are the “little league” guys. You’d be surprised at how many women you’d find that actually prefer men with less to offer than those with blush-worthy endowment.

For obvious reasons, it’s less painful. Even for women who have “been around the block,” it can still be a pain when you’re getting more than you’re made to handle. And in many cases, smaller men tend to try harder. More effort is put in, and from what I’ve come to understand, they “get the job done” much more often than “stallions” do.

Similar to men that find it sexy when women are confident between the sheets, women are also attracted to men who display confidence in what that have. This doesn’t include a display of arrogance and borderline narcissism, or making yourself out to be something you are not. If you are happy with what you were born with downstairs, it shows.

Whether you’re a man or woman, being insecure with your body is normal, but how you go about dealing with it is all on you. Rather than psyching yourself out and worrying that you don’t have enough junk to put in the trunk, utilize what you are good at and hone in on those talents.

Size does not define a person, whether it be someone’s weight, height, peen size or breast size. The size of a man’s penis will not be an indicator of how good or bad he is in bed, nor is a woman’s chest size a measure of intelligence.

When you hear a woman, or even a man, say “it’s not the size that counts, it’s what you do with it,” trust that they mean what they say. It’s a cliche for a reason.