Things to do during winter break

Story By: Daisy Martinez, Rampage Reporter

In just a few more weeks, finals will be over and you will feel a relief from school. However, you may be wondering what you can do during your Winter Break.

The first option is to get comfy at home. The weather will be nice to stay home and read novels, watch some of your favorite movies, or shows and drink hot beverages.Get the recipe book and learn some new foods that you can use for the coming holidays. Do chores around the house that you couldn’t do because of your studies.

See what arrangements you can do around your home to give it a different look. Moving furniture around can make your home have a different look.

For those who find it miserable to be at home, start the day with a few workouts to keep your health in good conditions.

Get in contact with a few friends and go to the mall to see what good shopping deals you can find since Christmas will be around the corner.

Going to the movies with friends can become very entertaining. If you want to save a few bucks plan on going during the morning show times. Ice-skating or roller-skating can also become super fun with a group of friends. Check your local ice and roller-skating facilities for admission and hours of operations.

Plan a road trip with your family or friends. Pitch in for all the expenses and enjoy a few days away from Fresno.

Get involved with your community and see what difference you can make helping during the Holidays. One way to get involved is by visiting the Christmas tree lane and supporting the neighborhood that puts a lot of work and money to this tradition in the community.

Set some goals for this short vacation. If you don’t work, consider finding a part-time job. Simple jobs like babysitting or doing your neighbors lawn can earn you a few bucks.

Get a head start on your studies if you have your textbooks for all your classes. Getting a head start on your school might earn you that A you need.