Health and STEM Pathways Week with FCC


Fresno City College hosted Health and STEM Pathways Week to help expose students to different careers through a panel of various professionals on the health and STEM career pathways. 

The three events held between May 2 and May 4, included a health professionals panel, a health & STEM majors transfer fair, and a STEM professional panel.

Both professional panels were held on Zoom, while the Transfer Fair on was held in-person at the Health Science Building Atrium and Science Building courtyard. 

Everyone was welcome to attend, including community members, high school students, staff and faculty. 

During the event health professionals, science, technology, engineering and math professionals shared their experiences in both educational and professional settings. 

There were opportunities for people to ask the panelists questions and get further insight and gain more knowledge involving the health and STEM fields. 

Susana Vasquez, a former FCC psychology major believes this opportunity FCC presents to the community is needed now more than ever. 

“As a psychology major, I have had such a broad view on the field, and being able to get further insight has not only been beneficial to me, but it reaffirmed why I wanted to go into the field,” Vasquez said.

Jack Yang, an FCC counselor said, guided pathways have been a part of FCC for a few years now.  In 2019 they started the five pathways and have counselors assigned to their different pathways.

Cristina Quijas, former Sacramento City College student psychology major said, “The events are a great opportunity for students to possibly branch out into the Health and STEM fields. Those two fields can be intimidating, but actually hearing from professionals and being able to ask them questions is comforting. I’m glad FCC is doing this for its students and community.”

The students, community members, and faculty had the chance to gain new views of these pathways and possibly influence students to go into STEM fields.