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Former Rampage Editor-in-Chief in Need of a Kidney Donor

Former Editor-in-Chief in need of a kidney donor in Fresno, CA.
Photo by: Krystle Nozartash
Former Editor-in-Chief in need of a kidney donor in Fresno, CA.

Former Rampage Editor-In-Chief Krystle Nozartash urgently needs a living kidney transplant.

Nozartash was 13 when she was diagnosed with kidney failure and since then has gone through two cadaver donor transplants, which are deceased donors. One kidney that she received lasted for two years and the second kidney she received lasted 17 years, until recently. 

“My life motto I live by is ‘sharing is caring.’ I give when I don’t have to give. If someone is outside a store looking like they could use a little kindness I bring something out for them. It is not only about food, some people just need a simple hello or some act of kindness,” Nozartash said.

When Nozartash reached her twenties she was also diagnosed with Charcot-Marie-Tooth, a disease that affects the peripheral nerves and signals the nerves from the brain and spinal cord to the rest of the body. 

She knew there was no avoiding or taking these illnesses away and initially blamed and questioned herself. 

“In the beginning it was tough and I’d ask myself what I did wrong to cause this. In reality, nothing could prevent this,” Nozartash said. 

Although the news was uncompromising, this was nothing new as Nozartash’s family has dealt with the same health issues. Nozartash and her brother inherited CMT from both parents with their father also having kidney disease. Her brother ultimately lost his life at age 17 due to having a stroke that caused seizures.

Nozartash has spent most of her life with this disease, but she doesn’t let it define what she does with her life. She still makes the most out of every situation she possibly can. In 2005, she got a transplant and was finally able to walk around without a machine attached to her. 

One way Nozartash was able to cope with her diagnosis was by using resources like support groups. She participated in social media groups like Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) and End Stage Renal Disease (ESRD). 

She also has her husband, Jose Garcia, who she says is her biggest supporter. Garcia has gotten himself tested, but he is not a match for a transplant. 

“We expected her kidney to go out eventually. I try to make this transition as easy as possible for her. It’s been a challenge for both of us, but more for her,” Garcia said.

Although she faces challenges in everyday life, she has always tried to keep up with an enjoyable life. While she attended Fresno City College, she maintained a 3.0 GPA, on top of being in and out of the hospital with dialysis, a treatment that helps remove extra fluids and water in your body where the kidneys are not able to. She graduated with an Associate of Arts in Journalism degree in May 2023.

Nozartash spends three days a week in the hospital doing dialysis which takes up the majority of her time. Her dialysis has caused muscular dystrophy, which causes your muscles to weaken over time. Her biggest struggle with that is not being able to even step up onto a curb, as the pain is unbearable.

She has started to cook more at home, from scratch, so that way she can manage portions and avoid eating too much sodium or phosphorus. 

If she has more sodium and phosphorus than what her body allows, she starts to swell up and feel tight and then her skin starts to itch.  She said it feels like bugs are crawling on her.

“I can have up to 1500 mg of salt a day. I also have to watch my fluid intake which has to be under 42 oz. I spend a lot of time home now to prevent myself from getting sick because of my immune system,” Nozartash said.

When Nozartash receives her new transplant, her goal is to go to Fisherman’s Wharf in San Francisco and eat clam chowder and drink Dr. Pepper, foods she was forced to give up because of its ingredients.

When asked if she would redo life without her medical issues, Nozartash said no, because she’s not sure what type of person she would be without any of it, since it’s the only life she’s known.

People interested in seeing if they are a match should get a blood test to learn their blood type. Nozartash is in need of a donor with an A+ or O- blood type.

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Samantha Washburn
Samantha Washburn, Entertainment Editor
Samantha Washburn is a 26-year-old female. She was born in Anaheim, CA but raised in Nashville, TN, and then moved to Fresno, CA in 2020. She is currently in her final semester at Fresno City College, studying journalism, in hopes of making her way to the social media/digital side and pursuing something more professional with sports teams. She also wants to expand her horizons and work in the music/entertainment industry, if that's where her heart leads her to. She took a Photoshop class in high school that got her attention of wanting to do more and learn more in-depth lessons on Photoshop. She also has experience in different types of Microsoft apps, as well as google docs. She has quite a few different hobbies but she enjoys re-watching her comfort shows in her free time and learning about new movies and shows. She also listens to almost every music genre there is, with the exception of a few. She loves attending concerts, regardless if they are a top must-see for her or not. Samantha hopes that being a part of The Rampage will help expand for horizons on reporting and be able to get better in story writing, investigating, and interviewing.
Krystle Nozartash
Krystle Nozartash, Editor-in-Chief
Krystle Nozartash was born and raised in Fresno, California in 1985 and currently resides in Clovis CA. Her love for animals led her to rescue and nurse back to health multiple dogs and cats, not including the four she opened her home to. Currently she is majoring in Journalism at Fresno City College and this is her fourth and final semester with The Rampage student run paper. She has goals to succeed as an Editor or Social Media Director. She focuses on trying to improve her grammar and punctuation, in order to create impressive writings for her awareness posting through social media and her future career. Although her interest is in becoming an editor Krystle is still exploring her career options for her associate's degree. She also spends some time trying to raise awareness for Charcot-Marie-Tooth (CMT), a rare hereditary motor and sensory neuropathy, she suffers from. Her hobbies include baking cake pops, cooking, and gardening.

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