Is Money a Problem as a College Student? Apply to These Programs to Start Getting Benefits


Photo by: Devin Taing

Fresno City College main sign located on Van Ness and Mckinley near parking lot E. Photo taken on Feb 6.

A new Equal Employee Opportunity (EEO)  Handbook dropped this month and now hiring-practices prioritize the diversity, equity, and inclusion of students and staff, the California Community Colleges Interim Chancellor announced in a press conference Feb. 1. 

Additionally, she shared that students can now also make money doing volunteer work thanks to the California for All Corps program. 

“We hope to become a system that creates ecosystems of unconditional belonging,” Chancellor Daisy Gonzales said during an online media teleconference for student journalists. During the event she talked about the start of Black History Month and the various programs available to help students in the community meet their needs. 

The newest program that is available to Fresno City College is the California For All Corps (College Corps). This program allows students to get paid for doing volunteer work-based learning within the community. 

“Last year there were 3,000 students statewide who earned $10,000 for serving their community” Gonzales said. They are enrolling in a new cohort. To help the community, sign up using the California for All Corps website.  

CalFresh is a program that students may be familiar with, but this year they widened their criteria for food benefits. Most students can qualify for benefits and get extra money without affecting your eligibility for financial aid. Applications can be taken at CalFresh.

The CalFresh program has also brought food pantries onto campuses such as the Ram Pantry at Fresno City College, where students can get free access to food and ingredients. It is located next to the campus bookstore and all students have to do is sign in. 

Chancellor Gonzales also notified that the Affordable Student Housing Taskforce has begun funding construction for student housing near Fresno City College. The program has the purpose of providing affordable, low-cost housing options to students in California. More information on the Affordable Student Housing Program can be found at the website. 

The EEO handbook provides resources and also prepares students and employees on their hiring practices. They also want to start recruiting student committees. The website for the EEO handbook can be found here.