Fresno City College Welcomes Women’s Campus Connection


Photo by: Ricardo A. Reyna

From left: Nancy Gutierrez-Sauceda, Michelle Patton, Melinda Vinicor, Amanda Mason, Linda DeKruif, Teresa Patterson, & Gena Gong. Photo taken on Jan. 27 after the Women’s Campus Connection (WCC) meeting at Fresno City College.

Women’s Campus Connection (WCC) is an organization at Fresno City College that advocates for women. 

With core values of equality, empowerment, community and intersectionality at its forefront,  identifying issues for women, raising awareness and collaborating across campus are some of the organization’s main goals. 

Although the organization is not open to students, it is open to any current and former faculty or staff member of FCC who are committed to upholding the organization’s mission.

Linda Dekruif, a full time women’s studies instructor at FCC, also takes the role as spokesperson and undesignated chairperson of the organization.

Dekruif hopes the organization will make the campus a more welcoming community. 

 “Yes, I think that this group really has the potential to really be an integral part of raising more concepts of intersectionality on this campus, having more of a broader support to create an event or a calendar for Women’s History Month.” Dekruif said.

Creating a scholarship fund for women’s studies majors is one of the organization’s long term goals as well as preparing for Women’s History Month in March.

“One of the components the group will be working on is trying to organize events that include speakers, performances and raising awareness during March.” Dekruif said.

One key speaker Dekruif is hoping to have on campus in March is Susan Burton, who is an accomplished author and activist. 

“She’s an individual we hope we can have come to campus and she’ll be the keynote speaker, probably the main event that we’ll be doing in March. It would be great for everybody, for our campus, for the community.” Dekruif said.

Dekruif said that the group was formed only about a year ago. 

“I’m very excited to see this organization grow and to see this organization become very involved with organized events and for people to become more aware.” Dekruif said.