Child Development Center, Childcare Per Day Not Hour


Photo by: Samantha Morales

The current Fresno City College’s Child Development Center until the new building is completed.

Fresno City College is expanding its Child Development Center with a new building that is currently under construction next door to the original building.

The completion of the new child development building is expected for May of 2023, opening for services in fall of the same year. 

FCC’s Child Development Center opened in 1987 and now  is run by 10 full-time teachers with over 20 student aides. 

The center is a full accredited program teaching preschool from two to five years of age. The program offers a full curriculum, focusing on the education of these children. 

In a news release from Public Information Officer Kathy Bonilla, informs the community that the new building is an integral addition for both the Social Sciences Division and the Child Development Program. 

“When Covid-19 struck, the program had to adjust their teaching styles, location and eventually procedure,” said Instructor Coordinator Debrorah Lewis. 

According to Instructor Coordinator Estafania Antonio, adjustments included teachers  creating YouTube channels to interact with the children, they made weekly packets, and did the best to keep the children engaged online.

When classes resumed on campus, they adjusted and switched to smaller class sizes for the time being. This allowed the center to re-open and offer a safe environment. 

The center is open for children of both students and staff from FCC. The waitlist to get into this program is about two years long. There are full and half day sessions to choose from, prices vary depending on age and schedule.

The current building is around 5,300 square feet and the new building will be over 24,000 square feet and the new two story building project is funded at $16.8 million allowing the center to grow exponentially. 

Fees and schedules can be found online as well as the application process and a list of frequently asked questions FCC Child Development Center