Multiple Clubs, Multiple Ways


Inter-Club Council Facebook post

Fresno City College is kicking off spring 2022 by announcing 18 active student clubs this semester, as well as organizations for students to participate in. 

FCC’s spring 2022 clubs Include Volunteer Club, Asian American Club, All of us or None Club, Society of Women Engineer Club, Anime Club, and more.

Clubs like the Volunteer Club, offer students first-hand experience with volunteering throughout the community, which is helpful in gaining career opportunities.

For creative thinkers, the Creative Writing Club is available, where students explore writing imaginative nonfiction, poetry, and fiction literature.

For students looking to connect with culture, both the Asian American Club, and Native American Inner-Tribal Student Association (NAISA) are also available at FCC. 

Some of these semester’s clubs will be held in person, while others have the option for students to virtually attend.

Clubs being held via Zoom are Catholic Student Association, Creative Writing Club, Lambda Alpha Epsilon (LAE), Law Pathways Student Association, Native American Inter-Tribal Student Association (NAISA), Phi Theta Kappa, Planned Parenthood Generation Action Club, Recording Academy, Recording Academy of Fresno City College, RN Printing  Committee, Society of Women Engineers, Student paralegal Association (SPA), Students for Sustainable Action and Volunteer Club.

The importance of FCC’s students is recognized throughout the student activities and communities on campus. 

“I think it [clubs] gets students involved and like, gives them extra stuff outside of studying, school, and classes. It gives more fun for your personal life,” FCC student Grace Robinson said.

Robinson suggests,“ Maybe if there was a film club, something about movies, or maybe writing, like journalism, would be really fun,” and also mentioned pushing more art related clubs in the future. 

FCC students are eager to join one another in exploring educational opportunities, and create history within the community. 

Tony Folmer, FCC student says, “When it comes to clubs, it brings people together, it helps people discover different things that they might gain an interest in that they didn’t have before, just sort of broadening horizons a little bit.”

FCC provides helpful and inclusive opportunities for students to connect with others through their passions, experiment with career paths, and get professional, hands-on career experience through FCC’s student clubs and activities hosted throughout the semester.

Students are able to dive deeper into their passions and talents through on campus programs. 

“I’m a major theater enthusiast. If there’s anything there for that I’m pretty much all for it,” Folmer said.

FCC student Emily Jenanyan expresses an interest for potential future clubs.

 “Maybe like sports clubs like ya know, if there isn’t a sports club like something like that like you can participate in sports,” Jenanyan said.

For further information about individual clubs, Inter-Club Council meetings are held via zoom every Thursday from 12 p.m. to 1 p.m.