Ram Pantry Remains in Service Despite COVID-19 Campus Shutdown

Story By: Natalie Gallegos, Reporter

The Ram Pantry has remained accessible to students by drive-thru Tuesdays and Fridays from 10 a.m to 1 p.m behind the bookstore building. 

Student Services has been working with Fresno City College Dean of Students, Sean Henderson to order, prepare and distribute food to the Ram Pantry. 

“There is a shortage of items in the stores and many of our students experience food insecurity without the shelter in place restriction,” said  Dean Henderson. 

Bags filled with essential items are being distributed through the Ram Pantry drive-thru containing items such as rice, beans, pasta, dairy products, oatmeal, breakfast and protein bars, toilet paper and water bottles.

“We are trying to ensure our students still have access to food, which we consider an essential need,” said Henderson. 

Students who plan on collecting a bag from the Ram Pantry are required to show student ID or provide their student ID number.

The Ram Pantry has also taken several social distancing measures when distributing. According to Henderson, Building Services have been sanitizing the building and providing cleaning supplies. 

“We take this responsibility very seriously and are proud we can remain accessible to students, “ said Henderson.

Volunteers are to practice a 10-feet rule when preparing and distributing items. They are also required to wash their hands frequently and wear gloves and masks on a regular basis. 

According to a report done by FCC Student Services, they have reached out in effort to find volunteers with distribution of food and have been very mindful of the social distancing protocol.

“We have been working closely with our Police Department and Building Services to coordinate food distribution. Both departments have sent multiple employees to help and we are extremely grateful to their dedication to our students,” the report states.

The Student Services report also mentions working with the food bank to change their delivery system during this time of need to help free up resources around campus.

“As long as we keep getting shipments here at the Ram Pantry then we’re going to keep providing this service for students to hopefully relieve some of the worries,” said ASG President DeRon Walker during the President’s Virtual Forum on Friday March, 27. 

According to Walker, the Ram Pantry has been an important resource for students by providing food for those in need during uncertain times. 

“[It is important for the Ram Pantry to remain open and distribute essentials] to help reduce worries of students and our neighboring community by helping them stock various food items at home including items that are scarce on store shelves right now,” Walker said.

Walker suggests that students check their student emails and Fresno City College social media pages to keep themselves informed about Ram Pantry operating times and days.