Following a Tumultuous History ASG Hopes to End on Positive Note


The Associated Student Government hopes to end the semester on a positive note after two tumultuous ASG presidencies. Marisol Valdivia, third from left, was defeated by DeRon Walker in the ASG election.

Story By: Hannah Lanier, Reporter

ASG has been in the spotlight for the past year, and the current team have made great efforts to defy the labels that have been placed on the association.
Through the presidential position being turned into a game of musical chairs to being understaffed. The ASG has faced every obstacle head on as a team to conclude their year in the manner that they are: Noting their growth and stability.

Many bills have been proposed. Some passed, some denied. Clubs have received endorsements, sports teams have been provided money condoning for good work.

Marisol Validivia, current president of ASG, was thrown into a position that was given up by her predecessor, deciding to persevere in the unfortunate situation she was given.
“I stepped into a challenging moment for ASG,” said the ASG president, “We were able to grow closer as an organization. There has been a lot of unity and stability. A lot getting done.”
Stepping into her executive chair position, Validivia had the main goal of obtaining mandatory training for student governments at all California community colleges.

One of her proudest moments of her time as president was implementing said goal and turning it into a reality, “The resolution we presented was almost unanimously passed,” at the annual General Assembly for CCC.

Training and proper understanding of rules has also been a priority for Trustee Carlos Rodriquez.

“I regret not getting trained enough,” Rodriguez said, reflecting on previous years. “We did not come together until Marisol came in.”

Once again, the biggest accomplishment for the trustee was the essence of togetherness and cooperation, “We came together like a family, or a team,” said Rodriguez.

ICC Chair Josephine Alvarez, has been with ASG for the past six semesters and notices this current semester for all its positive reinforcement, “I do see a huge change from the past to today,” said Alvarez.

Yet with a list of accomplishments, follows an upset of failure and regrets. “Granted we had our minor setbacks, we have pushed through,” said Alvarez, “I have regrets, but change is growth. I wouldn’t change anything because it is part of growing.”

The team has turned it weaknesses into strengths. Pushing each other out of their comfort zones to a point of production and proficiency.

Reflecting on all that this student government has been through, they surely wish to focus in on their ability to rise from the figurative yet symbolic ashes.

In each aspect of ASG, the group has moved to be better. While most of the team is up for election for the upcoming fall 2019 semester, everything that the current team has started, they wish to finish this next semester.

Regarding the budget that ASG is provided, they have been able to help most all of the clubs that have asked for their help. While encouraging clubs in the future to take advantage of ASG’s willingness to help, or at least notice that it is there.

Regardless of the outcome of the presidential election, Valdivia wishes nothing but the best for the student government. “I would have no hard feelings. I want what is best for the student body. Maybe it will be a good time to focus on myself and what I need, while being involved in any way that I can,” said Valdivia.

Simply put, “I wish to end on a positive note,” Valdivia said.

Valdivia was defeated in the ASG election by challenger DeRon Walker.