Weldon, College Avenues Closed for Maintenance


Photo by: Google Maps

The corner of the Weldon and College avenues will be closed for gas line maintenance Feb. 25 – 27.

Story By: Peter Lopez, Entertainment Editor

The corner of the Weldon and College avenues in Fresno will be closed for repair and maintenance on Monday, Feb. 11.

PG&E has notified the campus that maintenance and repair work will occur during the hours of 9 a.m. – 4 p.m. and will run every day until March 7, according to a newsletter from the office of public information.

“This project will affect traffic flow at the corner,” according to the letter. “If you are dropped off or picked up at this corner you will need to find an alternative location.”

Parking Lot K is said to remain open for students that are dropped off to school, according to the newsletter.

Students located near the gym and cafeteria who smell gas are advised to contact campus police and become familiar with evacuation plans for those buildings.