Do Students Use the Ram Pantry?

Story By: Alfredo Rodriguez, Reporter

It seems many students here at Fresno City College have not been to the Ram Pantry, most have little to no time throughout the day to check it out and others do not know about the Ram Pantry.

The Ram Pantry first opened on Nov. 2017 near the student center next to the bookstore and is stocked with food that ranges from canned to fresh and refrigerated food. The pantry is open Monday through Friday from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. and is available to anyone that attends FCC.

The objective of the program is to assist students in need of food, reduce food insecurity and increase the rate of students graduating.

“I don’t use the Ram Pantry because I don’t have time to go and it closes early,” said Jazmyn M’sadoques, a second semester FCC student.

She said she doesn’t have time because she has classes in between that make it difficult for her to go check it out without being late to class. She would like it if they opened an hour early or extended the Ram Pantry hours so she can have time to check the pantry out.

“No I have not used the Ram Pantry nor have I ever heard of it,” Jose Jimenez, a second semester FCC student said.

He said he is mostly busy during the day and is focused on studying for his classes and has no time to explore FCC. He said although he’s gone by the book store and cafeteria he has never seen or noticed the Ram Pantry.

“I do know about the Ram Pantry but I have never been there,”  said Preston, a second semester student here at FCC.

He said he knows about the Ram Pantry and describes it as a program that helps students get food they need. He has never been there and says he came to know about the program last semester. She said it would be great if more students knew about the program.

“My friend said most of the things in the Ram Pantry need to be prepped in the kitchen so I decided not to check it out anymore,”said Eslie Nunez, a second year FCC student.

Although most of the things in the Ram Pantry are canned and packaged goods, she said she used to check the pantry out once a week when she was a first year student at FCC. She recalls getting Pringles, juices, Peeps, flavored water and Ghirardelli chocolate squares from the pantry.

She says most of the things she used to get from the Ram Pantry are no longer there anymore.