What’s Driving the Millennials’ Vote?


Photo courtesy of Pixabay.

More and more students are registering to vote. Will they actually show up on Nov. 6? If they do, what are they planning to vote for?

Hannah De La Fuente, student at Fresno City College student, says she is passionate about voting in this election, her first. “When the Parkland shooting happened, I registered to vote—I was still 17,” De La Fuente says. “It really took an effect on me, and I realized that changes needed to be made.”

Studies show that politicians won’t count on millennials to show up, though. Caroline Beaton, a writer on millennials for forbes.com, explained in her article that millennial voting rates have never passed 50 percent.

So, what are the issues that are making students want to change what’s expected of them?

“The system needs to be more progressive,” De La Fuente said. “The system needs to change; it needs to acknowledge our generation.”

Another student, Megan Henslee, said she is passionate about voting because she was a former political science major. This isn’t her first election.

“I plan on voting to repeal the gas tax,” Henslee said. “And I typically lean towards Republican candidates.” She also said that she still has a lot of research to do before making her final decisions.

The deadline to register to vote in California was Oct. 22, while voting stations and issues on the ballot differ by the voters’ mailing address.