Table Takes #11: Magneto > Professor X


Photo by: Ram Reyes

This week on a very special episode of Table Takes, Tommy and Ram are joined by a brand new cohost. Introducing Toni, a brand new member of the Rampage team, and a consummate tea drinking pescetatarian who just can’t let chicken go.

This week we’re talking Kanye’s Kimmel interview, veganism, Asian representation in media, and the role of preventative violence as a response to fascism. Magneto > Professor X is a mood.

Tommy Tribble is the Editor-in-Chief of The Rampage, and you can find him on TwitterInstagram, and Medium @tomiiwrites and Ram Reyes is the Art Director of The Rampage and can be found on Twitter and Instagram @_ramuel and on Medium @ramuelreyes.

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The intro theme song is “moon chillin” by epsilon not.