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5 Ways to Get Through Finals Week

Photo by: Devin Taing
Student studying with their teacher a week before finals.

Getting through finals week can be stressful and the last chance to determine if they pass all their classes.

Developing a good daily routine and maintaining a healthy balance between school, work, and social life can seem overwhelming. However, having outlets to help maintain your mental, physical, and emotional well-being will encourage a successful finals week.

I go to school and have a full-time job and boy can I tell you how stressful it is. When I’m not working, I’m learning, and vice versa.

I learned quickly with my time management skills and finding the time to do my school work. There are still times when I come home and I’m overwhelmed but it’s part of the process and I will continue to push forward.

Here is what a student can do to get through finals. These are my tips and what I follow when finals come around.


Sleeping, Eating, and Hydrating

Sleeping is one of the most important things while balancing a tough schedule, without getting enough sleep it can impact your whole body.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, “Adults the ages 18-60 recommends at least seven or more hours of sleep a night.”

Sleep contributes to improvements in learning and promotes regulatory functions that are important every day.

As well as maintaining healthy eating habits plays a big factor that can improve energy, memory, and gives you great nutrition and health.

Cherylyn Crill-Hornsby is the Dean of Instruction for the Social Sciences Pathways Division and the Academic Services at Fresno City College. Crill-Hornsby became the Dean of the Social Sciences Pathways in July 2020.

“Making sure you are getting enough to eat. Your brain needs food to function, and we have food at the Ram Pantry and Pass tutorial services for just this reason,” Crill-Hornsby said.


Take Notes

Paying attention in class and taking notes is another way to be successful in the classroom.

I personally like to take notes by writing down whatever I’m trying to learn. It’s easier for me to learn and understand by practicing and reading out loud whatever notes I am reviewing.

I would recommend always attending class, and perhaps thinking about sitting somewhere where you won’t be distracted.

Giving Your Body a Break

To get through finals week, it’s always important to give your body and your brain a break in between studying. It’s never good to overwhelm yourself with stress and anxiety. It can cause you to have breakdowns whether it’s mentally, physically, or emotionally.

Taking purposeful breaks whether it’s five minutes or 60 minutes can really help to refresh your brain and body and increase your energy, productivity, and ability to focus.

If it helps yourself to even step aside from your computer or homework for a little while and go for a walk or do something outside to help relieve some stress. Taking a step back from your school work can be beneficial for you and gives your whole body a break.

”Take breaks when you can, resting your body and mind helps to recharge your battery and that will help you learn,” Crill-Hornsby said.


Setting Goals

Setting Goals for yourself is always a good way to reward yourself when you do well in a class. Having these mindsets can help you pass your classes.

With setting goals it can create accountability towards yourself. Accountability comes with getting good grades in the classroom and it also can provide motivation and lead you to higher expectations.

Goals don’t have to be astronomical but can be something as small as being consistent. Celebrating the small wins will not only increase your confidence in yourself but also shift your mindset into a positive thinking routine.

Rewarding Yourself

If you don’t reward yourself for passing exams or classes you will never feel accomplished. It’s a big boost in motivation for yourself and it strengthens a sense of accomplishment and that can be an important feeling to reinforce success.

Rewarding yourself can be a good thing because then you get in that habit of always wanting to succeed and you encourage yourself to repeat it so you can gain a reward in the end.

Even when you earn a small accomplishment it’s good to spoil yourself, go out and grab something you might’ve been wanting you deserve some sort of reward.

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