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A Showcase of Musical Talent: The Music Faculty Recital

Photo by: Anthony Corda
The auditorium stage at the Old Administration Building featuring a grand piano, bongos, drums, vibraphone moments before the show started on Sept. 20.

The Fresno City College Music Department held its annual Music Faculty Recital Wednesday evening. The hour-long concert featured vocal and instrumental performances from FCC staff.

The overall vibe before the event was lighthearted and buzzing with energy. Those in attendance were enthusiastic to see the faculty perform, and many were students.

Hunter Beck, a music major, said he was in attendance to support the faculty and staff.

“One of the performers is my lesson instructor here on campus as well as numerous other teachers I’m taking classes under as well,” Beck said.

The performances went off seemingly without any problems. The music varied from introspective, or music to think to, to upbeat and intense.

The vocal performances were also a highlight of the evening. Among the vocal performers was Melissa Wolfman, a spinto soprano.

She sang an operatic piece called Steal Me, Sweet Thief, from The Old Maid and the Thief by Gian Carlo Menotti. A piece that Wolfman said she is familiar with and decided this summer that she would like to perform for the recital.

Wolfman has been at FCC for 23 years and teaches three classes. She directs the Opera Musical Theater Workshop, Beginning Voice and Music 3, which teaches music fundamentals.

Unaware of when the recital was happening, Wolfman said she pushed the piece together really quickly.

“Usually, a lighter soprano sings this type of lyric but I really like the piece,” Wolfman said. “I usually do heavy hitters like Verdi, Aida. I’m usually doing really heavy stuff in Italian or German.”

Soprano Valerie Loera’s performance of Jurame captivated the audience. Dressed in a sparkling red dress, Loera showcased to the audience what the human voice is capable of.

Also among the performers was Kevin Cooper, who performed the classical guitar piece, Passacaglia. He said that the Music Faculty Recital happens every year.

“We do it each year around early fall to let students and faculty know what we do and inspire them to also practice hard, and make beautiful music,” Cooper said.

Cooper said that the music department is a wealth of talent. Each of the instructors specialize in their area of music, so students who wish to study a specific instrument can do so.

“If you’re interested in trombone, you can study with a brilliant trombonist. If you want obo, flute, guitar, piano, whatever it is, we can offer it,” Cooper said.

These options are something new in the music department. In the past, they had generalist instructors who would teach a bit of everything.

“Now, we’re able to offer private lessons and instruction with experts,” Cooper said.

he audience sits and mingles while waiting for the performers to take the stage to begin the show. A piano and percussion instruments await their players on Sept. 20 at Fresno City College. (Photo by: Anthony Corda)

The show finished with an ensemble performance by Paul Lucckesi on alto saxophone, Barb Shinaver on trombone, and Joe Lizama on the “vibes,” short for vibraphone. Adam Elmore on bass as well as Chris Earley on drums and George Ramirez on percussion. The piece was called Afro Blue, an upbeat, jazz standard.

Vocalist Melissa Wolfman also said that the Opera Musical Theater will be performing The Gondoliers on November 17, 18 and 19 in the theater.

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