From Rebellion to Conformity, How Does Pink’s New Sound Fare on Her New Album?

Photo of Pink performing on stage, Photographer unknown.
Photo provided by

Photo of Pink performing on stage, Photographer unknown. Photo provided by

Pink is best known for her rebellious pop-rock anthems of the early to mid 2000s, bending the rules and challenging authority with her music.

Pink has never been afraid of taking the status quo and stomping on it. But as of recently she has turned to more radio-friendly and modern pop music with her ninth album “Trustfall.”

“Trustfall” deals with loss, trauma, love, and acceptance which isn’t new territory for Pink. But what is, is the sound. 

The entire album bounces between pop ballads with simple pianos and mellow vocals to dance pop with up beat production and an optimistic performance. But does this rotation of sub-genres work for Pink?

Yes. Kind of.

The first song, “When I Get There,” is easily the best song on the album. It’s an authentic ballad with a simple piano instrumental that talks about her late father. The song acts like a last letter to him as it dives into ideas of morality and grief. It’s a powerful track that takes Pink’s authenticity and throws her into a new landscape, and it works.

The next two tracks, for me, aren’t bad but are definitely  a step down from the opening tracks. The title track “Trustfall,” and the following song “Turbulence,” seem like the exact same song with the same tones and sound. A bland choice for Pink.

The track “Long Way to Go,” is one of Pink’s better performances on the album. It has a feature from The Lumineers and if it wasn’t for them, this would be an almost perfect track. The Lumineers are a fantastic band but this soft dramatic pop ballad mixed with their vocals started the track off like nails on a chalkboard before it blended well with Pink’s vocals.

As we exit the first quarter of the album, it becomes less and less memorable with every track. 

While not bad, besides from a few small standouts, it falls flat creating an average listening experience. I honestly can’t name a song after “Long Way to Go,” that stands out in a way that makes me want to go back and listen to it again. 

“Trustfall,” is only saved by the authenticity of Pink. You can genuinely tell that she cares about her album and is trying to figure out a new way to make music. Track after track I can hear passion that is still fresh after over 20 years of writing and singing. 

If you’re a fan of Pink I think you’ll like the album, but for the average person looking for something new and fresh this album will be either a huge hit or a good listen that leaves an unexceptional impression.