Streaming Service Wars: The Battle for Subscriptions


Photo by: Courtesy of Glenn Cartstens on Unsplash

Some streaming service subscribers have ditched traditional cable television in favor of on-demand wireless streaming.

The days of waiting around all day for TV shows to come on, or going= to the store to buy your favorite movie on DVD are long gone. In a world where streaming services are quickly switching the medium as to how we consume our TV and entertainment, the question that still remains is which service is best, for what price, and why?

  1. Netflix 

Netflix is a streaming service that offers a great variety of hit TV shows and original content. Starting at $9 a month and with up to four simultaneous streams, it was the first truly mainstream service. Depending on the type of plan, users can stream to multiple devices at once. One device for their basic plan, up to two for their standard plan, and up to four with their premium plan. Netflix is definitely one of the better options for viewers that want to watch original television shows, dramas, comedy stand up specials, and murder/mystery documentaries. 

  1. Hulu

Up next we have Hulu, a great streaming service for people who love sitcoms and animated television. On this streaming service, catching up with currently airing TV shows and binge watching are made easy. Starting at $6 a month and with up to two simultaneous streams, Hulu is definitely a bargain when it comes to an inexpensive streaming service that offers hours of content to enjoy anywhere. By paying for an upgrade bundle for $12.99 subscribers can also get a bundle service package that includes Hulu, Disney +, and ESPN +.  

  1. Disney +

Disney + has seemed to take the world by storm when it went viral on the day of its official release. Starting at $7 a month and with up to four simultaneous streams, the service is definitely attractive to most consumers. Fans of Marvel, Star Wars, classic Disney movies or Disney Channel original movies and shows, should definitely consider this service. Disney + is also included in the bundle package for $12.99 along with Hulu and ESPN +. Verizon Wireless customers also get a year of Disney + for free with their contract. 

  1. Apple TV + 

Another service recently entered the playing field: Apple TV + released November 2019.  Starting at only $5 for their monthly subscription and $50 for their annual subscription, this is one streaming service that is definitely best for budgeters. With tons of great original content that’s exclusive to Apple TV +. Anyone who wants to see what Apple TV + has to offer can sign up right now for a seven-day free trial. What’s even an added bonus is anyone who has purchased an Apple device since Sept. 10 is eligible for a free year subscription of Apple TV + .

  1. TUBI, Vudu, Crackle

It’s hard to beat free. When it comes to affordable streaming services, apps like Tubi, Vudu, and Crackle are hard to beat. With initial free memberships offered for services like these, there is also the option to have a paid membership and receive access to additional content and movies. They may not be as in demand as services like Netflix and Hulu but they are definitely worth looking into. 

When it comes to streaming services, there is no doubt that they are making a fast intrusion in the entertainment market. The question to which service is best and for what price solely lies with what you want out of your streaming service. It’s best to decide what content appeals to us as consumers and pick the service that reflects that. No matter the service, there is no doubt that we live in an incredible time where we are able to sit down and watch any of our favorite programs at the push of a button.