‘Going Public’ with the Gallery

What was once an art gallery is now a studio filled with different motion pictures.

The Art Space Gallery has put on an experimental video show. Each video is different and unique in its own way.

Some videos have interviews with local bands asking them about their art and talent. Another video is a psychological test with two people. The two people sit across from each other and just stare at each other in silence.

Two best friends are in the experiment. The study is to show that no matter who it is that there will be some form of awkwardness between people. Other videos consisted of long shots of beautiful scenery and people drawing.

The videos are spread out around the room each with its own set of headphones hanging down like vines from the ceiling. This gives students an immersive experience with each video, blocking out the other distractions of the world.

This gallery isn’t just for the art department to interact with, but for anyone.

“Anybody can be apart of it, it’s like a community project thing,” said Gallerist Miriam Ouassou.

This gallery is about the media and different things people are into so this project 10 years ago was a lot different then it is now. 10 years from now it’ll change so this type of gallery is something that will always be something new.

This gallery turned studio wasn’t just for the students but for the community. People from all over Fresno have contributed to this project.

The art department teamed up with local media agency CMAC or Community Media Access Collaborative.

With CMAC they were able to shoot some of the videos using their studio, keeping that local pride feeling.

The gallery is a way for people to learn about different local art and interact with their community. Interested contributors can contact Elena Collins at 559-442-8241.