Fresno Community Concert Band Mixes Tradition and New


Photo by: Ben Rodriguez

Fresno Community Concert Band while performing the song “Flashing Winds” Sunday, Oct. 21, 2018

Story By: Ben Rodriquez, Reporter

Nostalgia filled the Fresno City College Theatre as the Fresno Community Concert Band performed classic American marching songs and concert goers danced to the patriotic beat on Oct. 21.

The concert called, “Traditions and New Beginnings,” was largely focused on an older Americana style of music. It opened with the National Anthem and continued with music from the days of horse and buggy, according to co-conductor Bruce Weinberger.

The music was like stepping into a Norman Rockwell painting, taking the audience back in time. “Main Street Celebration” specifically would remind listeners of an old American mainstreet such as Disneyland.

The show was a very fast and upbeat concert, and the large audience was very into it, even dancing at times.

“The turnout is usually a lot bigger,” said Allen Layne a frequent attendee of the concerts. “But today, everyone is busy watching the football game.”

Layne has been going to the band’s performances for six years now and he said he loves seeing big turnouts.

The band recently celebrated its 25th anniversary by having the original members stand up and take a bow, as well as welcoming the new members to the band. The band has members from all walks of life, including three current college students, an IRS tax examiner, and even a firefighter.

The band currently has 80 members and provides a great opportunity for local musicians from different backgrounds.

“Winter Magic,” the band’s next show will be on Sunday, Dec. 2 at the Shaghoian Theatre in Clovis. The event will invite special guest Hannah York a guest soloist.