Just Call Him the Renaissance Man


Photo by: Larry Valenzuela

Bobby Brown

Bobby Desmain Brown, art major, was 5 years old when he first became versed with art.
“Around that time my brother would draw Wolverine characters, so I just started to mimic him,” Brown said.

Aside from being galvanized by his brother, Brown was also garnering his love for art by watching different cartoons like Bugs Bunny and Dragon Ball Z. However, his brother remained the first source of inspiration.

Throughout the fall semester Brown was the cartoonist for the Rampage, and added life to the Opinion section by giving most of the stories a visual picture that fit perfectly. His top four drawings that went into print were ‘My First Semester at FCC Seems so Long Ago’, ‘Forgive Me Mother, for I Have Sinned, but I Don’t Believe in God’, ‘Transgender Community in Fear of Attacks’, and ‘To Tinder or Not–Not an Easy Choice’.

“My favorite drawing style recently has become renaissance; it gets the expressiveness on them pretty much…capturing their movement, throwing gesturing,” Brown shares that although this is his favorite drawing style, at the moment, he started off by drawing Anime.

Brown is an aspiring comic book artist.

His go-to tools are “brushes, pens and pencil pretty much.” Brown also likes to go for a black and white drawing rather than color. “Color I can get into, but it becomes a little more difficult to finish,”

Brown also mentioned that he wants to get into sculpting next.
“I’ve been getting into it a lot more with clay and stuff…I want to get into tune more with painting because it takes a long time to paint a realistic face with a paint brush…”

Although it’s safe to say that Brown is a genius when it comes to drawing, there are still some drawings that take longer than 30 minutes, which is usually his average time when he works on a drawing.

Brown’s biggest accomplishment this semester was being accepted for two scholarships for his artwork for the centennial OSHER award and the Yvonne MCsherry award.

“Recently I have been able to finish drawings in 30 minutes or so, but the longest one that I’m still working on is Rick from The Walking Dead. I’m drawing a giant drawing of him and I keep messing up on his face constantly, so I keep on having to erase the charcoal off the paper and readjusting eyes, pulling wrinkles out of certain areas, mixing and molding his hair constantly. It’s a difficult drawing and I plan on completing it on day.”

Brown hopes to transfer to San Jose State after his studies at Fresno City College are completed.