’80s Punk Rock Gets Tower Swingin’


Photo by: Daisy Rodriguez

Frontman Johnny “Peebucks” Bonnel blows the crowd away at Strummer’s. Nov. 10, 2015.

Story By: Daisy Rodriguez, Photo Editor

San Fran band puts on utterly awesome show

From here in Fresno and with the punch that punk rock gives you 24-hour Bigfoot Attack, starts the night off pleasantly. However a little lacking in the vocals, the threesome can still rock the night.

The punk rock foursome of Success empower the crowd to dance and head bang till you leave the venue with a sore neck. Hailing from Seattle, Washington frontman Aaron Rev electrified the audience with flexible power stances and and enthusiastic persona.

Never have I seen two women lead a punk rock band and make it rock harder than the guys. The leading women of The Bombpops, Jen Razavi and Poli Van Dam, with some cheesey high note vocals, hair whips, and aggressive guitar, it’s as if the era of punk rock never left and made a home in your heart as your ears ring after the concert has finished and you’ve left the venue.

Headlining the night was Swingin’ Utters from San Francisco, California. The four had formed in the ‘80s and has been playing for 25 years. Swingin’ Utters had brought the punk rock of the past into the present. Causing people to almost rampage the venue from the sound of their music.

A fan of the band was so excited he started his own mosh pit knocking over three people and spilling his beer. This band’s punk will most likely make you come out of your comfort zone and become the vibrant person you may have wanted to be at concerts.

Poli Van Dam of the Bombpops rocks hard and entices the audience. Nov. 10, 2015.
Daisy Rodriguez
Poli Van Dam of the Bombpops rocks hard and entices the audience. Nov. 10, 2015.