Fulton 55 features local and outside talent


Fierce Creatures took the stage at Fulton 55 on Sept. 21.

Story By: Frank Lopez, Rampage Reporter

Fulton 55 hosts various talented locals, as well as distant performers and Sept. 21 is no exception.

Performers included Canadian band Royal Canoe, Oakland’s Coast Jumper, Chicago hip-hop performer, Ssssnake and Fresno band, Fierce Creatures.

Nearly 100 audience members huddled close to the stage for a decent vantage point.

Tables filled up immediately after doors opened, and people kept filing throughout the night.

Coast Jumper from Oakland took the stage first, bringing an indie sound bordering on pop, relying heavily on guitar work reminiscent of Pink Floyd and vocal harmonies resembling the Beach Boys.

Coast Jumper brings an indie pop sound layered with harmony and atmosphere. They featured songs that transition into a heavier, more experimental sound.

Following a brief intermission, Chicago performer Ssssnake, took the stage.

Sssnake is the stage name of soul performer, Noah Tabakin. Ssssnake produces his music using recording software. He raps, rhymes, and sings over his tracks on stage.

He was certainly the most exciting and eye catching performer of the night, due to his frantic dancing, rapping, and singing. He has an upbeat hip-hop sound that fuses rock, soul and gospel. Ssssnake has fun while performing and even pulls people onto stage. At the same time his songs seem inspirational with his full smooth voice.

The third act of the night, one that appeared to be a crowd favorite was Royal Canoe.

The band hails from Canada and got the crowd rocking and dancing with its Indie rock that features catchy vocal melodies and harmonies, chant choruses and garage instrumentation that experiments with orchestration and electronic music. One could say that they are a dancing version of “My Morning Jacket”, but they do bring a fresh sound that is both earthy and ethereal.

Always a crowd favorite, Fresno’s own Fierce Creatures headlined the show.

Fierce Creatures has a deeply layered sound that features ringing and vibrant guitars, haunting and echoed harmonies, wailing vocals, steady and developmental percussion and an atmospheric keyboard. Their sound paints pictures of nature with calm and earthy sounds, a sound that seems almost tribal but still modern. The band features a lead female vocalist and they enjoy dancing on the stage.

Fierce Creatures layers sonic experimentation with a natural Indie rock sound that is familiar yet unique.

They all know how to put on a great show and are worth listening to. Nothing is better than seeing them live.