Dreams of a Lyrical Queen: Local rapper Brianamus Prime makes her mark in Fresno’s music community


Photo by: Abel cortez

Beianamus Prime at For your entertaiment f.y.e music store in clovis CA on Sept. 16 2012

Story By: Frank Lopez, Rampage reporter

While there are always towns full of homegrown bands that are waiting to take the world by storm, it’s rare to see a young female rapper trying to make her name in the music world.

Brianamus Prime is has been gaining notoriety in Fresno and other cities in California for the past three years. She has played in Fresno clubs and venues such as the Babylon, Starline, The Fresno Fair, dancing clubs, birthday and house parties. She is currently working on promoting her music and producing her edgy brand of hip-hop and rap.

The Lyrical Queen, as she refers to herself, was born and raised in Fresno. Her musical journey began at the age of 11, when her older brother secretly handed her down 50 Cent’s album “Get Rich or Die Trying”.

“It was with this album that I realized that there is lyricism to music and that you can say something with music,” says Brianamus.

She remembered all the lyrics to the songs, wrote them down, and would write her own lyrics to famous songs. Brianamus then started writing her own lyrics; songs about love and crushes through the perspective of an 11-year-old girl. She continued to write but she didn’t know she wanted to be a rapper at the time so she considered herself a poet.

Near the age of 15 Brianamus wanted to be a singer but she didn’t feel that she had the voice for it and she would always get nervous. She wanted to perform and get her message across and she figured that she could do all this as a rapper. After graduating from Clovis East High school at the age of 18, she started networking with music engineers and musicians so she could get into the music businesses. She moved to Houston, Texas in 2009 to launch her career off.

“I moved out to Houston to pursue my dream. This was a new start, nobody knew me, I could start off and be a rapper. I started working with people, going into the studio, and that really got my confidence up and made me feel that I could really do this,” says Brianamus.

She moved back to Fresno in 2010 and started working on her music right away. As many famous rappers do today, Brianamus samples the beats and music from other rappers and adds her own lyrics and melodies to their songs.

Brianamus writes her own lyrics and she helps produce and engineer all of the music she makes. She is active in the recording process and practices her recording techniques and methods from a home studio.

Brianamus Prime brings an edgy attitude to her music. She has a heavy but cool flow that she spits with a hard edge, but it is still fun to listen to. Brianamus says that she tries to differentiate herself from mainstream party rap with her lyrical content.

“I want to give people inspiration. I want to let them know that there is a positive side through everything we go through,” says Brianamus.

She has music videos to her songs on YouTube, such as “Spittin’ on Em”, which has received more than 60,000 views. She edits the music videos herself. YouTube is just one of the many resources that she uses to promote her music. She uses Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and other social networking sites to get her name out there.

She is currently working on an EP titled “Welcome to the Future” with Fresno music producer Static and will also be auditioning to perform at the Fresno State Fair.

Brianamus Prime dedicates all her time to her musical career and will continue to make music and promote herself.

“If you have a dream to do something, you don’t have to be normal, you don’t have to be like everyone else,” says Brianamus. “You only have one life, don’t be stupid about it, live your dream.”