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Story By: Austin Verburg, Rampage Reporter

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November 11 was a day of many wishes, especially at 11:11 a.m., making it 10 ones in a row. But if there were any wishes that were granted that day, I’m positive they all had to do with the release of “The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim”.
Skyrim was announced last year at the Spike TV 2010 Video Game Awards, and the Internet exploded! And since then, the anticipation only built up until its release last Friday.
Personally, I’ve always had this rule with Bethesda games. I always like to wait a year, because they usually do a re-release with all the extra content. I did this with both “Elder Scrolls 4” and “Fallout 3”, and plan to do it with “Fallout: New Vegas” (though technically, New Vegas was a game created by Obsidian Entertainment, using assets created by Bethesda to create the game). It was only natural that I’d plan to do that with Skyrim!
However, I couldn’t help but visit with a close friend who bought it on Friday just to see what Skyrim was all about. That was all I needed to change my mind.
Like the other Elder Scrolls games, you start off in custody. You and other criminals, all captured rebels fighting against the empire, are being taken to be executed. Your character’s back story is that he was caught illegally crossing the border into the kingdom of Skyrim. Just as you’re character is about to be executed, a dragon attacks, turning everything around you into mayhem.
At this point, as everyone is attempting to survive the attack, you get to choose: hide with the rebels or hide with the empire. Either decision obviously decides what kind of quests you can get, and might not be able to do. If you hang out with rebels, obviously the imperials might not take too kindly to you.
But that’s only the beginning. We never even got around to going any further with the main quest. Epic side quests ended up taking our attention, meeting new characters and engaging in new situations of the Elder Scrolls universe.
This game is what roll playing gamers have truly been waiting on. If you love to immerse yourself with the fictional world that video games can offer, then this is the one to do it.

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