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Texas’ Abortion Ban: A Threat to Womens’ Rights

Story By: Samantha Morales, Reporter September 20, 2021

On Sept. 1 2021, the state of Texas passed a law that took away the right for any woman to get an abortion, ultimately making women go backward in time with not having a choice with their own bodies. According...

The Pandemic’s Impact on Fresno City College’s Dream Center

Story By: Lauren Tacotaco, Reporter April 28, 2021

Fresno City College’s Dream Center continues to provide services and instruction to its students online and through the phone amidst the COVID-19 pandemic.  The purpose of the Dream Center, according...

April 11, 2021 Tower Theater Protest.

How the Sale of a Beloved Landmark is Impacting the Local LGBT+ Community

Story By: Aroara Trimm, Entertainment Editor April 20, 2021

The Tower District is home to a proud LGBT+ community and many local LGBT+ businesses, many of which will be impacted by the sale of the Tower Theater to Adventure Church.  The theater first went up...

From left to right, U.S. Rep. Jim Costa, FCC Graduate Alex Chavez, FCC President Carole Goldsmith, Dr. Kenny Banh

New Vaccination Site at Fresno City College

Story By: Aroara Trimm, Entertainment Editor March 24, 2021

A new vaccination site at Fresno City College opened Tuesday, March 23, 2021 in partnership with University of California, San Francisco, Fresno.  The clinic moved from their previous Shaw Avenue location...

Image courtesy of Wikipedia Commons

Trump’s Social Media Ban

Story By: Anastasia De Cubas, Reporter February 3, 2021

 As many of us know, former President Donald J. Trump used his social media platforms to voice his opinion and connect with his supporters.  That all changed on January 8th, 2021 when Trump was permanently...

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