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Reefer Madness!

Story By: by Jaren Hockert

February 2, 2010

Filed under Opinion

Who wants greens?  Zoning ordinance 12-306-N-56-c, which was enacted in late 2006 through Fresno's municipal codes, stated that medical marijuana collectives are to operate under state and federal law.  Under federal law, marijuana is illegal and is a Schedule I drug, meaning it has no potentia...

Pro/Con: Should marijuana be legalized?

Story By: Marika Smith, Writer and Brittany Nielsen

December 1, 2009

Filed under Opinion, Pro/Con Debates

Trying to explain the harms of marijuana to an average young college student is like trying to explain to a cat it needs to use that fancy scratcher you bought instead of your couch; they listen, but they don't really care.Here goes nothing.In the case of marijuana and its effects on mental and physical h...

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