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Local Business Adapts, Continues to Serve Customers During Pandemic

Image courtesy of pexels.

Story By: Mayra Martinez, Reporter

April 28, 2020

Fresno businesses have been impacted by the coronavirus, keeping their customers away because of the fear and by order of the shelter in place. The local restaurant Quesadilla Gorilla has been affected by the pandemic. The manager of Quesadilla Gorilla Maria Mora has seen the challenges it has presented...

Cooking Under Quarantine

Photo courtesy of Flickr.

Story By: Kiran Kaur, Reporter

April 14, 2020

Adjusting to life under quarantine has brought on many revelations, big and small. It wasn’t until quarantine that I realized how social the act of eating is. Eating came second when going out to a restaurant, after actually sitting down and hanging out with friends.  The good thing is, cooking at home can actua...

Broadcast Issue 4

Story By: Leticia Leal, Multimedia Editor

October 9, 2019

Five Tower District Hotspots to Visit This Semester

Tower Tea, located across the street from FCC has a menu that includes milk teas, smoothies, sluchins and coffee, as well as garlic fries, spring rolls and more.

Story By: Toni Woodruff, Reporter

September 11, 2019

One of the many advantages of being a student at Fresno City College is the proximity of a good time and even better food. Whether you only have an hour to kill between classes or in the mood to enjoy a night out after class, FCC is closer to all the hotspots than you think.   Here are five pla...

The Fight Against Hunger: Ram Pantry Sees Drastic Increase in Visitors This Fall

The Ram Pantry, located at the student bookstore, provides free food items to hungry students as long as they have a student ID, Tuesday, Aug. 20, 2019.

Story By: Leilani Bustos, Reporter

August 28, 2019

The Ram Pantry is off to a busy start this fall semester with incoming students eager to be the first in a long line to get free snacks, produce and hygiene necessities. “I’ve already seen more students this semester, in the first week of school on a daily basis, than what we had in the spring,...

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