The Waving Lady Revealed

Story By: Kimberly Hodges

Monique Turks has a Facebook fan page but she didn’t even know what it said until recently.

“Once thought to be only a commuter’s legend, an apparition in the mist,” the Facebook page states, “this page is a tribute to the woman who has offered a friendly wave to Fresno/Clovis drivers.”

Don’t know who Monique Turks is? That’s because the Fresno resident is more commonly known as “The woman who waves at traffic from the overpasses of California Highway 41.”

Since the creation of the Facebook fan page in late December, this friendly Fresnan has gained more than 4,600 fans and an array of comments. Some fans have even uploaded photos of Monique to continue to give the page some character.

Turks has her own personal Facebook profile but didn’t even know about “The woman who waves at traffic from the overpasses of California Highway 41” fan page until someone she knew mentioned it to her.

“Someone told me about it and I’m like, ‘Wow,'” she said. “I think it’s awesome. All the comments go to God, and they were given to me by God.”

Turks said she is a religious person, and her faith is the reason she waves. “It’s a job given by God, and it’s not a normal job,” Turks said. “He tells me when to go, how long to stay, or when to change to the other side.”

This year marks Turks’ eleventh year waving at people from the freeway overpass. Her original waving spot was on Tulare Street downtown, but since moving closer to the north side of town, she can usually be found between Shaw and Bullard.

Nathan Rumley, one of the fans on the page, commented that the fan page “explains one of Fresno’s little mysteries.” Without this fan page, most of those 4,600 fans wouldn’t even know who she was.

Fans now have a place to go and discuss this little legend that now has a name and a reputation. And thanks to her fans, she’s becoming a local celebrity. She was even featured recently in a news story on KSEE 24.

Another Facebook fan commented and said “I was so happy to meet Monique this weekend. She’s a nice lady. I only wish I had known she was famous. I would have taken a picture with her!!!”

Monique appreciates the comments she gets and even tries to write most of them back from her personal Facebook page, named “Heaven Sent.”

Realizing that her simple gestures have caused so much happiness and attention from her local fans, she hopes what she does will soon spread to other places.

“One wish I have is that someday every state in the U.S. will have at least one person who waves from overpasses of their freeways,” she said. “I think it would be great to have God’s love spread all around the U.S.”

Staff writer Kami Madison contributed to this report.