Response to editorial piece: Let’s Check this Rampant Racism to Save the Next Generation

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The Rampage Editorial Board’s opinion piece from September 23, 2015 was a shocking mix of inconsistency and nonsense. It is a disgrace that the Rampage would write such drivel— writing with one voice as an editorial board no less.

Where is, at the very least, a semblance of serious analysis? Where is the unity that comes from diversity – a “uni – versity” of ideas and influences and learning that inform and equip the Editorial Board to write with thoughtful and investigative prose about the very serious topic of racism? The inane and absurd generalities that explicitly lump together all “whites” would get one reprimanded should the same pernicious oversimplification be used in reference to “brown-skinned” people, to use the Editorial Board’s own colorful words.

The Editorial Board writes, “A negative incident involving a non-white person is elevated and generalized as reflecting whole communities of color and of foreign descent people.” What is astounding is that the Editorial Board’s entire article fulfills this prophecy exactly but in reverse if only the color categories are changed like this:  “A negative incident involving a white person is elevated and generalized as reflecting whole communities of whites and of people of European-descent.” In other words, all “whites” are being implicated and blamed and marginalized in the opinion piece, which is what the opinion piece claims racist “whites” are doing to “brown-skinned” people.

If the Rampage Editorial Board believes the rhetoric they cite is intolerant, then it is at best intellectually dishonest to use similar rhetoric. I expect much more from my alma mater and Fresno City College student leaders.