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‘Blockers’ Brings Sincerity to a Cringy, Tired Premise

‘Blockers’ Brings Sincerity to a Cringy, Tired Premise
April 6, 2018

Kay Cannon’s (Pitch Perfect, New Girl) “Blockers” is a tale as old as time. A team of parents work tirelessly to prevent their daughters--and it’s always daughters--from having sex, from making...

‘Tomb Raider’ Clears Low Bars, Impresses No One

March 14, 2018

It must be some kind of fete that Roar Uthaug’s “Tomb Raider” manages to defy expectations while being utterly disappointing at the same time. It’s a talent, definitely, just one that nobody wants....

‘The Strangers: Prey at Night’ Slashes Hopes

Illustration by Tasha Turner
March 12, 2018

It’s the middle of the night and you’re all bundled up on the couch when a loud knock on your door startles you.  As you peek through the peephole, you see her. A young blonde girl standing on your...

’12 Strong’ is Engaging and Realistic

12 Strong
January 18, 2018

“12 Strong” recalls both a tragic defeat and a triumphant success in modern American history. It tells the real-life story of Mitch Nelson (Chris Hemsworth) and 11 other soldiers who were positioned...

‘Justice League’ Saves DC Cinematic Universe

'Justice League' Saves DC Cinematic Universe
November 17, 2017

The long-awaited latest installment of the DC cinematic universe, “Justice League,” is here people, and it is good. DC Comics has had a rough go of it trying to catch up to Marvel comics’ illustrious...

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